Why BOA Builders?


Commercial and Semi-Custom or Custom Home Contractor

Choosing your general contractor is a big decision. After all – who can you trust to build your custom dream home? You want quality in professionalism, craftmanship, and results. That’s why you should count on the BOA Builders team for your home and commercial projects. Quality should be your first priority, and that’s what we provide in everything we do.


When collaborating with us, rest assured that honesty will permeate every step of the custom and semi-custom home building process. We strive to eliminate ambiguity, offering transparent and accurate expectations for each project. Our conscious effort is geared towards fostering clear communication and precise expectations in every design-build.


We keep saying it – We consistently emphasize our commitment to delivering high-quality services. However, our focus goes beyond the conventional definition of quality, extending beyond superior finishes and intricate details. It’s about executing projects correctly, adhering to the highest standards even when pursuing cost-effectiveness. Our philosophy is centered on completing each project in the most innovative and optimal manner, rather than merely meeting minimum building code requirements. Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of construction practices, using building science to build better.

Dedication to a Sustainable Future

For all of our home builds, we strive to build an energy efficient custom home or semi-custom home. That’s because we have a duty to build towards a more sustainable future. Our homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, with every house certified DOE Zero Energy Ready, Energy Star, and Indoor airPlus.

This can be great for the environment, but what does it all mean for you? With your Zero Energy Ready home from BOA Builders, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is held to a higher standard beyond minimum code. It means you can look forward to:

  • Living with ease of maintenance
  • Even temperatures year-round

  • Advanced and Quality Equipment
  • Quiet living

  • Lower energy bills
  • Superior moisture control

  • and Overall enhanced comfort

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When you select BOA Builders, be confident that you are engaging with professionals who prioritize communication and responsiveness. Our reputation is built on consistently answering calls and promptly addressing your inquiries.


Our pride lies in our commitment to pioneering construction practices grounded in building science. In the valley, we stand as trailblazers, being the foremost to adopt the innovative RHEIA duct system and achieving the distinction of being the initial recipients of the DOE Zero Energy Ready certification for a home. Achieving these milestones demands a considerable amount of perseverance, requiring collaboration with our subcontractors and clients as we guide them toward a more advanced and superior approach to construction.


When you work with us, we aren’t just your semi-custom or custom home contractor. We are your partner in taking your dreams and making them come to life. Our reputation precedes us—when we make a commitment, rest assured that we follow through, and you can rely on us to deliver.


Let’s Build Your Custom or Semi-Custom Home

If you’re wanting a beautiful, high-quality, energy efficient custom home in Grand Junction or the surrounding area, you’ve come to the right people. We build the most beautiful homes in the most beautiful valley. Contact us today to share your vision or purchase one of our Quick Move-In Homes today. Give us a call at (970) 242-3071 or contact us online. Let us transform your dreams into reality.

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