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Remodeling and Renovation General Contractor in Mesa County

BOA Builders is a respected remodeling and renovation General Contractor in Mesa County. Our new home additions have been met with superior satisfaction as seen by our testimonials. We believe that the best experiences come from good communication, upfront financial understanding and attention to detail in the project. We will guide you through the entire process of remodeling or providing that addition to your home.

Home Additions

BOA Builders is excited to provide you that extra space you’ve been looking for. From an oversized garage, woodworking shop, attached sunroom or larger kitchen, we are excited to bring you a magnificent extension to your current home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Are you looking to update the outdated? BOA Builders will help modernize that bathroom or kitchen with features existing in extraordinary semi-custom or custom homes today. We use trusted subcontractors specialized in their skill of plumbing, electrical, and trim work to create a new masterpiece within your home.


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